Fat Tuesday, fat chance.

(Originally posted in 2011.) My road to hell will be paved in sugar. I’ve tried to give up sweets, but can’t – not even for reasons of weight, dental health or religion. I need sugar like Easter needs Peeps. Some people remember favorite television shows from their childhood. I remember favorite candy commercials. I remember […]

Letter to the editor.

I received the text from my father-in-law around midday. “I see you got published in the NYT.” I was but had not told anyone. The New York Times published my letter to the editor in the print and online versions of today’s paper. I wrote in response to a Saturday, January 23 article on Post […]

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…

I was a young girl in a land called Queens. My face was still bright and not settled into the dark map that chronicles the landscapes I’ve traveled. Papi was still taller than me and his ability to deliver on a promised trip to the movies was a super power. We were going to see […]

Snow days.

The ShopRite in Jersey City was a mess yesterday afternoon: the Can-Can Sale was on and the predicted history-making blizzard was less than 48 hours away. I stood in the less-than-15 items line and gave my meanest unibrow to the woman behind me with two overflowing shopping carts. It was in late January of 2015 […]

Speaking Boricua.

Jodona | feminine noun | English translation: an irritating and/or annoying woman. Used in a sentence: That woman is a real jodona. The following fictional scenario will help clarify the sample sentence: Let’s say there is a woman of Puerto Rican descent with a strong affection for candy. Strong, not desperate. This Boricua is not […]

Three kings.

[Originally published in 2011.) When I was a child, the kitchen was my family’s world. Broadway theaters, midtown office towers, and Lincoln Center operas were only blocks away, but my parents’ island home ruled our days: from the radio dial tuned to the Spanish-language news station to the herbs my mother grew on the windowsill […]

A look back…

No new posts until 2016; however, I found this post from the 2011 holiday season that is relevant to how many of us are feeling currently. Many thanks for reading la bloga and supporting my crazy writing dreams. Enjoy your New Year’s Eve celebrations. I wish you all much peace, love, and joy in 2016.

The most wonderful time of the year.

Christmas is easy for white people. As kids, they worry all year about staying off the naughty list until they get older, when they find out there’s no Santa and the pressure’s off – until they learn about the NSA, but that’s an anxiety tale for another time. Christmas is complicated for Puerto Ricans. We […]